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Oban Seil Farm, Self Catering Holiday Cottages Scotland

Statement regarding COVID -19 and opening for bookings. 

After a long and lonely spring and early summer we are happy to announce that we have finally been allowed to open our beautiful little piece of paradise from the 3rd July. 

We  feel it is really important to share our fears and hopes and I will be honest with you. We have been worried about opening up, doing the right thing both for our visitors and also being sensitive to the small community we live in. 

But we are getting our heads around all the new guidelines and getting things and procedures in place. We have bought gallons of the right cleaning products, steam cleaner, new covers ot rotate, etc etc, been laying awake at night thinking about how to still have books in the house, and so much more of  such things. I feel I have covered all eventualities.

We are being guided by the Government and Visit Scotland and other big national agencies who know more than we do. I have attended (far too many) webinars on how to open our holiday houses in a safe and measured way and  I now feel much more confident and hopeful that everything will be alright and we will be able to share our farm with visitors.  

We have a lot of hope and now just look forward to getting back to welcoming visitors in a safe and measured way.

We recognise that it is a big decision for you to venture away on holiday after Lockdown due to COVID-19. 
As always, the safety of our guests is our main priority and we will be adhering to the Government’s operating and cleaning guidelines.  We will be cleaning and disinfecting your house with the products advised by the government and there will be less scatter cushions and throws in the house in order to rotate. 

All hard surfaces, kitchen implements, bathroom, and soft furnishing will be steam cleaning with the right antibacterial and virusidal products.  

 We are advised to ask you to turn back if you arrive here with COVID symptoms and also if you develope symptoms while you are here we ask you to tell us immediately so we can support you the best way.   

 All the necessary cleaning and antibacterial and virucidal remedies are in your house for you. We ask you to bring your own plastic gloves and masks.  

Scotland has not been hit as hard by the virus as some places in England, and with all the space and open air here on the island we have been fortunate to have a relative easy time. 

Welcoming visitors will possibly increase the risk of more infections,  and this is where you play a part in keeping us all safe. 

We believe that it is time that we slowly and measured get back to normal and it is in everybody’s interest that we all are sensible and we all follow the guidelines. (Don’t arrive with symptoms, two meter distance, washing hands, wearing mask when in shops, if you develop symptoms let us know)   .

The two pubs on the island are closed in the time of writing, (oyster bar will probably open later in .july) - so are the restaurants in Oban. I have heard that a few restaurants are also opening up later in July in Oban. 

Supermarkets in Oban are open and so is the small shop on our island. It is a tiny shop so it may be a good idea to have a mask ready in case you cannot meet the two meter distance. 

On the bright side The hills the shore, the landscape and the wildlife has been thriving in the last 3-4 months, we’ve never had this many birds and the air is so clean and free from plain noise and pollution. (Not that we ever had much of that, but still it feels much more quiet) This is such a beautiful little corner of the world and we look forward to sharing it with you.

So generally what we say in the spiel below still stands. 

"Oban Seil Farm is the home of Nick and Bette Hunter and their four grown children, Ian, Henry, Kitty and Lotte.

The Farm is a beautiful hill and waterfront farm set on the Isle of Seil which is connected to the mainland by a humpback bridge 'The Bridge over The Atlantic'.

We are set in 100 acres of hills and coast on Seil Sound and have about 100 sheep on the farm, five hens; Milly, Molly, Mandy, Morag and Mo; we had six but Minnie has run away from home or been eaten by the fox, (we prefer the run away version). 

We have converted some of the farm buildings. The Steading used to be the home for cows and machinery and is now converted into 3 self catering holiday houses. The Bothy was a ruin we converted to a charming little house that is set apart from the rest of the farm.

We are open all years round. 

We opened up our home to do Bed and Breakfast and we had such a good time meeting people from all over the world. This year will be different and we will wait and see what the future brings us and what restrictions there will be as we expect bed and breakfast will open later than self catering houses. 

We are proud to live in one of the most magnificent areas of Scotland, with a setting of breath taking views over other small islands, rolling hills and rugged shores.

If you drive here you will pass many small communities and villages on the way and by the time you reach us you will have a feeling that this is indeed the end of the road, you simply cannot get much further away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

If you stroll up the hill behind the farm you will see the most amazing sunsets. Imagine going up there after a long drive, standing on a hill overlooking dozens of other islands set in the clearest Atlantic Ocean. Or you can wander down to the shore and sit at the long table with a cool glass of wine looking down the sound, watching the boats in the distance.

If you have a boat, paddle board  or a kayak yourself, you can keep it on the pontoon and sail or row in the safe waters of the Sound.  The shore is a haven for children and our own children have had countless adventures there with swimming, mussel picking and sailing.

Last summer we had two children staying with their parents for a couple of weeks. they loved fishing and every day they went fishing for mackerel. We were lucky to get their bycatch and many evenings we were sitting down by the pontoon around a bonfire eating roast potatoes and mackerel. This place is what you make of it. You can mess about and home in here, or use Oban Seil Farm as a base for many exciting outings." 


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