2021 in the time of COVID-19

Fantastic News. We are now open again, and we are so looking forward to see you back here.

As events evolve and government rules change we will keep you updated, but as things can change fast, please check on for the most recent updates. .

We are very fortunate to be offering you a safe and beautiful holiday away from home. We are open up for bookings with all the guidelines of cleaning and distancing in place.  We can’t wait to see new and old friends to come and make the most of this fantastic place, bring your boats, your kids, your friends and your family. Come and enjoy the fantastic scenery and lovely surroundings here.



Oban Seil Farm commitment to the environment

We work on minimising waste and reduce the harmless effects that we have on the environment we live in. over the years we have carried out many improvements and we continue to do so. We have got triple glaze windows to minimise heat loss. we encourage our guests to use the compost bin and we empty that for you on a regular basis when you are here. the compost is fed to the hens and sometimes to the sheep when appropriate. Our bins are for general waste and recycling waste according to Council policies. Our cleaning products are all environmentally friendly and we refill containers as much as possible and we use natural products locally produced as much as possible. We use low energy lightbulbs.

We encourage you to shop in our local shop and we have a contact to the local fisherman who often sell fish on the day of catch. We have a local baker who will deliver your pizza and the island have a variety of local craftsmen who you can visit and perhaps buy their craft and produce.


To make the farm as friendly to wildlife as possible we try to offer a variety of homes. Shelter, a place to eat, a place to hide, a place to drink fresh water and a place to swim. The sky is the limit and we are so lucky to have the most amazing wildlife on the farm. Sea otters, seals, crabs and wild oysters can be found and seen on the shore. We have bats near the barn that you can see flying around at dusk. You will see golden eagles, sea eagles, buzzards, herons and ospreys above us and so many small birds and insects are always buzzing around us. We have bird feeders and wild flowers and plenty of spaces to hide and live.

Oban Seil Farm complies to all relevant legislation and regulations that relate to Health and Safety and the environment. We are open to suggestions and advice, even if we cant do what you suggest right now and we are constantly changing to get better at what we are doing.

Should you want to help.

Please consider turning off the lights when you leave the room and the house. please turn down the heating rather than opening a window, and please use the right bins for the right waste. 

All the best and warmest wishes.

Nick and Bette Hunter