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A brand new 2020

2019 went by in a flash, we had a fantastic season, the months flew by and before we knew it Christmas came and went. Nick and I went to Australia and drove from Darwin to Albany and had a fantastic time with Henry visiting countless National parks and taking in the vastness and beauty of Australia. Back home here the days are getting longer, the daffodils peaking through the cold earth, pregnant sheep on the hills once more.  Yet again The circle of life in full swing here. It is good to be outside and experience the nature and the animals. It puts things into perspective, all world events as well as small daily niggles negative as well as positive,  all  seems so important now, Its good to go for a walk and just to be in the weather, the sea, the everchanging skies and winds. 

We welcome you to come and join us and take break from the busy world out there.

The last couple of years I have been asked to give a course in sourdough baking. I'm usually quite busy over the summer season, but if anyone is interested let me know.  I can let you in on the fantastic world of sourdough bread, give you a starter and bake a loaf with you from scratch so you can bake your own bread.  I have baked all my life and the last many years years have had my own organic sourdough breads on the go every day. if you stay in the holiday houses for five days or more I’m happy to teach you how to bake a good organic sourdough bread and give you a starter. I don’t  have time to sell breads but I’m happy to let you in on how to bake yourself.


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